Just like more than one solution to a problem, modern dentistry can offer you many treatment options today to resolve your problems. As a restorative specialist, Dr Lee will discuss with you in detail the advantages and disadvantages of all treatment options as well as the most suitable option for you. Because every patient is unique, your concerns and problems will be individually tailored to best suit your needs. Below, we have listed a few common problems and treatment option chosen by our patients carried out by Dr Lee. Please be mindful that these treatments performed may not suitable for everyone.

afterImplant complications. Click here.

afterMissing all teeth. Click here.

afterMissing all lower teeth. Click here.

implant bridgeMissing all upper teeth. Click here.

Missing a few lower teeth. Click here.

IMG_1395Missing single tooth. Click here.

Upper front teeth with porcelain veneers

Teeth with unaesthetic colour, alignment, shape and texture. Click here. 


porcelain veneers used to mask these spaces
Unsightly spacing between teeth. Click here.