After graduating from the University of Otago (New Zealand) in 2002, Dr Ben Lee started his dental career as a general dentist in a high-end general dental practice in Sydney. During this time he developed a keen interest for cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr Lee attended numerous dental courses in Australia and USA to develop his skills and knowledge in this area. Despite his best efforts, he was never satisfied with his results and continued to witness a significant difference between the level of his work as a general dentist (at the time) and dental specialists that he referred to. With the goal of providing his patients with the best possible outcome, Dr Lee dedicated 3 more years on a full-time basis to advance his expertise and obtained a specialist degree at the University of Sydney.

This specialist qualification Dr Lee is currently registered as is called a prosthodontist. It is the highest qualification that one can obtain for cosmetic and implant dentistry. As a registered specialist, Dr Lee has focused all of his training and clinical time doing one particular aspect of dentistry and doing it well. By combining passion, expertise and experience, Dr Lee is able to achieve the highest treatment success rate for his patients with minimal complications and failures which is the most important aspect for any patient seeking high quality dental treatment.

As a result of his dedication, in 2007 Dr Lee was given the prestigious Young Prosthodontist Award by the International College of Prosthodontists for his research. The area of this research is on teeth clenching and grinding during sleep, otherwise known as sleep bruxism. Patients with this problem can greatly benefit from a discussion with Dr Lee on this issue.

Dr Lee is heavily involved in continuing education, largely due to the influence of his parents (who both were university lecturers) and his excellent tutors while in dental school. Since 2009, Dr Lee has been a visiting honorary clinical lecturer at the University of Sydney teaching final year dental students in prosthodontics. Every year, Dr Lee provides many presentations and workshops to dentists on a wide range of prosthodontics topics. In addition, he is a mentor for dentists attending implant diploma courses offered by the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne and Charles Sturt University. Currently he is a frequent presenter for the Australian Dental Association and Nobel Biocare. Through his teaching experience, Dr Lee has become very good at explaining complicated procedures. Many of our patients find Dr Lee is very easy to understand even for the most complicated situations.

In 2011, Dr Lee started his referral-based specialist private practice in Chatswood, Sydney doing what he enjoys most and what he is good at which is cosmetic and implant dentistry. He spends most of his clinical time carrying out dental implant procedures and lectures nationwide to other dentists on this topic. Dr Lee is a well-respected specialist in the dental community who is most passionate about what he does and more importantly, he cares about his patients. The genuine care he has for his patients is highly regarded by his peers and referring dentists.

Dr Lee has a keen involvement in the dental community. He has been the president for the Australian Prosthodontic Society (NSW Branch) as well as the Australian Asian Association of Dentists. Dr Lee enjoyed the challenges that each organisation presented as well as the responsibility of serving their members.

Dr Lee’s life-long professional goal is to improve the quality of life for as many patients as possible through optimal dental care tailored to individual needs, hence our practice motto “Improving lives, one smile at a time!”.