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Thinking of having dental implants and looking for the most qualified dental specialist?

If you are looking for someone who is best qualified and most experienced to carry out your dental implant procedures, look no further! Dr Ben Lee is a registered dental specialist (prosthodontist) who specialises in dental implants. He spends most of his clinical time carrying out dental implant procedures and lectures nationwide to other dentists on this topic. He is a well respected specialist in the dental community who is most passionate about what he does and more importantly, he cares about you! The genuine care he has for his patients is highly regarded by his peers and referring dentists. Read more about Dr Lee.

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How to best look after my implant?

Having an implant done is a long and an expensive journey. While no one can guarantee they will last forever, however Dr Lee strongly recommends the following to ensure your implant will serve you well with minimal complications. Cleaning – optimal …

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Implant Crowns – Replace single missing teeth

This patient was born without upper lateral incisor teeth. After a period of braces to correct the angulation of his teeth, 2 implants were placed and subsequently restored with implant crowns to re-establish the patient’s aesthetics and confidence.